Main Objective:

Provide support and tools to vulnerables groups of the society, through activities, educational and productive projects, to raise up their standard of living, their civic awareness and the development of their skills in a sustainable way at mid-and long term.

Specific Objectives

Stimulate formal and non-formal education to reduce educational lagging thanks to ludo-pedagogy Inform and train about Universal Human Rights and especially about Children Rights. Develop sustainable productive projects to raise up the standard of living of those concerned and their social reinsertion from a fair and responsible trade perspective. Bring awareness about protection of the environment through campaigns and actions which imply a deep commitment. Own a space where activities can be developed, such as creative and ludo-pedagogical programs and projects; and where, in addition, safe and nutritious food is provided.


  1. Learning by playing
  2. Education and holistic care.
  3. Work and decisions through assembly.
  4. Collective and community life.
  5. Gender mainstreaming and gender equality.
  6. Rights and Values

Our Values

Die fünf Werte, die wir in Chantiik vertreten:

  • Solidarity
  • A sense of community
  • Faith in oneself and others
  • Respect for everyone and everything
  • Honesty
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