Learning while Playing

"Chantiik Taj Tajinkutik", which means "Learning while Playing", is the name of the association and at the same time is the philosophy which seeks to improve the quality of life of young people and adolescents in a dignified manner. Various workshops divided into different programs are being taught, the Capacity Building Program for working children and adolescents has a bakery workshop taught by Salomón and a computer workshop taught by Mario, both are graduates of the previous generation and are paid for their work. It is important to clarify that one of the objectives is that most classes and workshops are to be taught by graduate students; as this is a way of showing that one believes in the project. In this program there are also workshops such as maid service, gastronomy, expression with t-shirts and English. In addition there is a program to create awareness and exercise of human rights and building social capital where it is intended that through activities, such as Tonalli: Machincuepa Circo Social, leadership skills, values and teamwork are developed.

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